Audio Slideshows

Norah Gaughan and members of the Berroco team share their unique perspectives on our newest pattern collections in multimedia slideshows. Take a look and listen in... 

#312 Berroco Boboli

A lively gathering of sweaters and accessories made from stunning multicolor yarn get an added dose of quirkiness from ruffles and pompons.

#311 Berroco Flicker

Feminine details take the spotlight on soft, comfortable garments worked in natural tones with a hint of glittering metallic.

#310 Berroco Soufflé

Intriguing stripes and a warm but airy fiber blend combine to make quick-to-knit toasty sweaters and accessories in classic silhouettes.

Norah Gaughan, vol. 08

Artful touches, clever construction and as always, figure flattering silhouettes. Knit in sea glass inspired shades of cool cottons and soft linens.

#309 Berroco Weekend & Weekend Chunky

Whether you're after instant gratification or light layers, you'll find them in this radiant collection of fraternal twins.

#308 Berroco Vintage DK & Vintage

Vintage & Vintage DK: Texture, wearability and crafty touches combine in this fetching collection.

#307 Linsey

Stripes and solids in sun baked colors merge to make uniquely colorful warm weather garments.

#306 Berroco Glint

Shine through the summer in these subtly sparkling, slinky garments inspired by the Seventies.

#305 Berroco Origami Knit & Crochet

Have it both ways! Whichever your craft, knit or crochet a casual but sophistcated summer basic. All patterns feature Origami, the cool, colorful cotton blend with multiple shades in every colorway.

#304 Berroco Sox

Adorable and hard-wearing children's garments knit with charming shades of our self-striping sock yarn.

Norah Gaughan, vol. 07

Inspired by crystals, geodes and gemstones, vol. 7 is a unified vision of 17 pieces with geometric motifs and embossed textures. Knit with the Ultra Alpaca range with touches of Lustra for glimmering shine.

#303 Berroco Remix

Outfit your entire family in timeless, textured pieces, all worked in 100% recycled fiber Remix.

#302 Vintage & Vintage Chunky

A detail oriented collection of clean wardrobe staples, all worked in Vintage and Vintage Chunky.

#301 Berroco Campus

Rustic basics look new in this colorful, expressive yarn.

#300 Berroco Borealis

Simple but dramatic shapes allow this shimmering yarn to take center stage.

#299 Sundae & Peruvia Quick

Fast knitting yarns in metropolitan silhouttes, these sweaters have cross-generational appeal.

#298 Blackstone Tweed & Blackstone Tweed Chunky

Tweedy classics with quirky touches, an endearing collection to see you through the chilly seasons.

Norah Gaughan, vol. 06

With two vastly different collections, Norah Gaughan captures the many shifting moods of spring. Hyperbole: Knit in bright cotton, these 7 garments explore embellishment without going over the top. Metaphor: Softly shaded lengths of fabric drape over the body in 6 summer ready shapes.

#297 Sock Star

This booklet features the winning designs from the Berroco Sock Star Competetion: accessories and garments, all knit in our sock weight yarns!

#296 Weekend

If you're longing for comfortable cotton basics, look no further. Variations on a theme keep these staples interesting.