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Expand Your Technique

Emily demonstrates how to make a double yarn over. 

Watch as Emily demonstrates stranded knitting in the round, changing her yarns, and twisting her

Emily demonstrates how to read a lace chart. 

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Amanda explains how to reverse the shaping when knitting the fronts of a cardigan.

Emily explains the Magic Loop method using a circular needle

 Emily explains another way to knit in the round using two circular needles. 

Learn how to fix a dropped stitch on either the knit or purl side of stockinette.

Learn the difference between slipping a stitch purlwise and and slipping it knitwise.

Learn how to work the following decreases: SKP, SK2P, and S2KP.

Amanda demonstrates how to work the following decreases: k2tog tbl, p2tog, p3tog, and p2tog tbl.

Amanda gives you a step-by-step tutorial on the following decreases: k2tog, k3tog, SSK, and SSSK.

How to work a "make one" increase on both the knit and purl sides of stockinette.

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Amanda demonstrates how to easy it is to make a tassel.

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This easy and attractive rib stitch is also sometimes referred to as "Fisherman Rib."

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Norah demontrates the stranded technique.

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Learn how to easily work right and left twist stitches.

Create colorwork patterns with easy slipped stitches.

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Norah demystifies the useful cable chart.

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Tackle intarsia with Norah.

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A demonstration on how to make a knitted cord, called an I-cord.

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