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Finishing Touches

Emily and Amy demonstrate how to sew in a zipper. 

Emily demonstrates how to make twisted fringe. 

Useful For:

Watch as Emily demonstrates how to knit an applied i-cord edge. 

Emily demonstrates the duplicate stitch. 

Watch Emily demonstrate a way to pick up stitches

Watch as Emily demonstrates her technique of sewing on a button. 

A quick demonstration on how to work reverse single crochet, or crab stitch.

Useful For:

Amanda demonstrates how to make the perfect pom-pom.

Useful For:

Cirilia demonstrates the chain stitch.

Learn how to make a button loop.

Cirilia demonstrates how to create a scalloped edging.

Learn two ways to pick up stitches along a curved edge.

Cirilia demonstrates the single crochet.

How to manage weaving in those ends.

Pattern Specific Tips

Useful For:

Emily demonstrates a cluster pattern stitch, used in the free pattern, Sangria.

Useful For:

Emily demonstrates one way to knit jogless stripes. 

Emily demonstrates how to make Cimone's fringe. 



Emily demonstrates the simple lace pattern stitch for Holman Hunt. 

Emily demonstrates how to simply read Winifred's charted pattern. 

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