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Our felted Peruvia tote has an intarsia floral motif and a leather handle.

One size


Approximately 14” x 10” after felting (Not including handles)


2 Hanks Berroco Peruvia (100 grs), #7120 Maize (MC) and 1 hank #7135 Caliente (CC)

29” Length circular knitting needle, size 10 (6.00 mm) OR SIZE TO OBTAIN GAUGE

2 St markers

One 18” long braided leather handle with ring on each end from Sunbelt Fasteners style #L11

1 1/2 yds braided waxed cording


17 sts = 4”;  22 rows = 4” in St st unfelted



Use a separate hank of yarn for MC sections on each side of chart.  Work charted section in Fair Isle method carrying both colors across.  When changing colors, hold yarn to the left and pick up new color from underneath.  This twists yarn so there are no holes.


With straight needles, using MC, cast on 170 sts.  DO NOT join.  Work even in St st for 3”, end on WS.

Note:  Charted Pat will not be in center of piece.  Bag was designed so that motif wraps slightly around from front to back.

Establish Charted Pat:  Row 1 (RS):  With MC, k66, place marker, join CC and work Row 1 of chart over 59 sts, place marker, with MC, k45.

Row 2:  With MC, p to first marker, work Row 2 of chart to second marker, with MC, p to end.  Work even in pat as established until 48 rows of chart have been completed, end on WS.  Dropping markers and CC, work even in St st with MC until piece measures 18” from beg, end on WS.  Bind off.


Fold piece in half widthwise.  Sew cast-on and side edges tog leaving bound-off edge open.  Felt in washing machine using hot water and soap.  Sew one end of handle to each side of bag.  With sharp scissors or knitting needle, make holes around top of bag 1 1/2” down from edge.  Beg and end at center front, weave cording in and out of holes then tie as shown in photo.