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Cirilia Rose

Our boys puffer jacket has a bright lining knit right in, cleverly forming pockets for fiber fill. It's the big boy version of our baby jacket, Baffin from booklet 292 DK Baby.

Shown in size 12



Directions are for children’s size 2.  Changes for sizes 4, 6, 8, 10 and 12 are in parentheses.


Finished Measurements

Chest (closed) – 25(26-27-28-29-30)”

Length – 12(12½-13½-14-15-15½)”



3(3-3-4-4-5) Hanks Vintage (100 grs), #5107 Cracked Pepper (MC) and 2(3-3-3-4-4) hanks #5121 Sunny (CC)

Straight knitting needles, sizes 6 (4.00 mm) and 8 (5.00 mm) OR SIZE TO OBTAIN GAUGE

Spare straight needle, size 6 (4.00 mm)

St holders

Small amount of polyester fill

Six 1” buttons

Optional:  Five gripper snaps and 1¼ yd 1” wide grosgrain ribbon



18 sts = 4”;  24 rows = 4” in St st on larger needles




With smaller needles, using MC, cast on 87(91-95-99-103-105) sts.

Ribbing:  Row 1 (RS):  K1, * p1, k1, rep from * across.

Row 2:  P1, * k1, p1, rep from * across.  Rep these 2 rows until piece measures 2(1¼- 1¾- 2¼- 1½ -2)” from beg, end on RS.  Change to larger needles and p the next row, dec 30(32-34-36-36-36) sts across – 57(59-61-63-67-69) sts.

Make Pocket:  Row 1 (RS):  K1, * M1k, k1, rep from * across – 113(117-121-125-133-137) sts.

Dividing Row (WS):  P1, * sl next st to spare needle held in FRONT, p1, rep from * across – 57(59-61-63-67-69) sts with 56(58-60-62-66-68) sts on spare needle.  Sl sts on spare needle to st holders for pocket lining.  Work even in St st for 1½(1¾-1¾-1¾-2-2)”, end on WS.  Sl sts onto second set of holders.

Pocket Lining:  With WS facing, sl sts from first set of holders to larger needles.  Join CC, inc 1 st, then work even in St st for 1½(1¾-1¾-1¾-2-2)”, end on WS.

Joining Row (RS):  With RS facing, sl sts from second set of holders to spare needle ready to start a RS row.  Hold needles parallel to each other with points facing in the same direction.  * Insert point of RH needle through first st on front needle and first st on back needle and k these 2 sts tog with MC; rep from * until all sts on both needles have been worked – 57(59-61-63-67-69) sts.  Knit 5 rows with MC for Garter Band.  In this manner, make 4 more pockets.  Make 1 more pocket 2” in length.  Do not knit 5 rows at the end, end with Joining Row.  Bind off.  Measure down approximately 6(6½-6½-6½-7-7)” from bound-off edge on each side and mark end of Garter Band for beg of armholes.


Left Front

With smaller needles, using MC, cast on 41(43-45-47-49-51) sts.  Work in ribbing same as back for 2(1¼-1¾ -2¼-1½-2)”, end on RS.  Change to larger needles and p the next row, dec 16(16-16-18-18-18) sts across – 25(27-29-29-31-33) sts.  Work in same manner as back until 5 pockets have been made, ending on RS with 4th row of Garter Band.

Shape Neck:  Next Row (WS):  Bind off 5(5-6-6-8-8) sts, p to end – 20(22-23-23-23-25) sts.  Make last pocket, decreasing 1 st at neck edge every RS row 3(4-5-4-4-5) times – 17(18-18-19-19-20) sts.  Work even until pocket has been completed to Joining row, working same neck shaping on pocket lining (bind off at beg of WS row on pocket lining).  Bind off.  Measure down from bound-off edge and mark for beg of armhole on side edge to correspond to back.


Right Front

Work to correspond to left front, reversing neck shaping.  Bind off for neck on RS row of pocket and on RS row of pocket lining.



With smaller needles, using MC, cast on 43(43-45-45-49-49) sts.  Work in ribbing same as back for 1½”, end on RS.  Change to larger needles and p the next row, dec 16(16-16-16-18-18) sts across – 27(27-29-29-31-31) sts.  Work in same manner as back, making 5(6-6-6-6-6) pockets to measure 1½(1¼-1¼-1¾-2-2¼)” each.  AT THE SAME TIME, inc 1 st each side every RS row of pockets and pocket linings (do not work incs over joining rows or Garter Bands) 13(15-16-16-16-16) times – 53(57-61-61-63-63) sts.  Work even until pockets have been completed, ending last pocket with Joining Row as on back and fronts.  Bind off.



Sew shoulder seams.

Neckband:  With RS facing, using smaller needles and MC, pick up and k74(74-80-80-86-86) sts around entire neck edge, working through double thickness of pockets.  Work even in Garter St for 1”, end on WS.  Bind off.

Left Frontband:  With RS facing, using smaller needles and MC, beg at top of neckband, pick up and k52(56-58-62-64-66) sts along left front edge.  Complete same as neckband.

Right Frontband:  Beg at lower right front edge, work same as  left frontband for ½”, end on WS.

Note:  If using gripper snaps, omit buttonhole row, complete same as left frontband, then see Optional below.

Buttonhole Row (RS):  K3(5-3-3-4-5), yo, k2 tog, * k7(7-8-9-9-9), yo, k2 tog, rep from * 4 times more, k to end.  Complete same as left frontband.  Stuff all pockets with polyester fill (DO NTO overstuff).  Baste all outer edges of back, front and sleeves tog; this makes it easier to sew them together.  Sew on sleeves between markers.  Sew side and sleeve seams.  Sew on buttons.

Optional:  If using gripper snaps, cut 1 piece of ribbon to fit each frontband, allowing ½” extra at each end.  Turn ends under and sew ribbon to WS of frontbands.  Attach snaps following directions on package.