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Women’s Clothing
Berroco Design Team

Shown in size Small.



Directions are for women’s size X-Small.  Changes for sizes Small, Medium, Large and X-Large are in parentheses.


Finished Measurements

Waist – 28(29-30-32-34)”.

Length – 31”.



Suede (50 grs), 14(14-15-15-16) balls #3752 Renegade Red.

29” length circular knitting needle, size 8 OR SIZE TO OBTAIN GAUGE.

Straight knitting needles, size 8.

Crochet hook, size 4.50 mm (G).

1 St marker.



19 sts = 4”;  28 rows = 4” in St st on size 8 needles.




This garment is knit one piece in the round from the bottom up.



With circular needle, cast on 300(304-308-318-328) sts.  Join, being careful not to twist sts.  Mark for beg of rnd and carry marker up.  Knit 1 rnd, purl 1 rnd (garter ridge).

Eyelet Rnd: * K10(10-10-10-11), yo, k2 tog, rep from * 24(20-16-6-21) times more, [k0(11-11-11-12), yo, k2 tog] 0(4-8-18-3) times – 300(304-308-318-328) sts, 25 eyelets made.  Work even in St st (k EVERY rnd) until piece measures 11” from beg.

Dec Rnd 1:  Knit, dec 10 sts evenly spaced around – 290(294-298-308-318) sts.  Work even for 3”.

Dec Rnd 2:  Knit, dec 16 sts evenly spaced around – 274(278-282-292-302) sts.  Work even for 3”. 

Dec Rnd 3:  Rep Dec Rnd 2 – 258(262-266-276-286) sts.  Work even for 3”.

Dec Rnd 4:  Knit, dec 20 sts evenly spaced around – 238(242-246-256-266) sts.  Work even for 2”.

Dec Rnd 5:  Rep Dec Rnd 4 – 218(222-226-236-246) sts.  Work even for 2”.

Dec Rnd 6:  Knit, dec 22 sts evenly spaced around – 196(200-204-214-224) sts.  Work even for 2”.

Dec Rnd 7:  Knit, dec 25 sts evenly spaced around – 171(175-179-189-199) sts.  Work even for 2”.

Dec Rnd 8:  Rep Dec Rnd 7 – 146(150-154-164-174) sts.  Work even for 2”.

Dec Rnd 9:  Knit, dec 12 sts evenly spaced around – 134(138-142-152-162) sts.  Piece should measure approximately 30” from beg.

Waistband:  (Knit 1 rnd, purl 1 rnd) twice (2 garter ridges made).

Eyelet Rnd:  * K5(5-5-6-6), yo, k2 tog, rep from * 13(17-17-11-17) times MORE, [k4(4-6-5-7), yo, k2 tog] 6(2-2-8-2) times – 134(138-142-152-162) sts, 10 eyelets made.  Purl 1 rnd, knit 1 rnd, purl 1 rnd.  Bind off all sts.


Pockets (Make 2)

With straight needles, cast on 32 sts.  Knit 1 row.  Beg with a k row, work even in St st until piece measures 3 3/4” from beg, end on WS.

Dec Row (RS):  K1, k2 tog, k to last 3 sts, SSK, k1 – 30 sts.  Rep this dec every other RS row once, then every RS row 5 times, end on WS – 18 sts.  Piece should measure approximately 6” from beg.  Bind off all sts.

Edging: With RS facing, using crochet hook, join yarn at left end of cast-on edge and (working from left to right) work in Reverse sc around pocket to right end of cast-on edge.  Fasten off.



Steam pieces with hot steam iron and a pressing cloth.  Pin pockets to skirt with cast-on edge (top of pocket) 6” down from bound-off edge of waistband and inner edges of pockets 6” apart.  This is center front.

Pocket Drawstrings (Make 2):  Cut six 40” long strands of yarn.  Put cords tog and knot one end, leaving 2” for tassel.  Divide cords into 3 sections and braid until there is 5” left of cords.  Thread tapestry needle with ends and, beg and end at center of cast-on edge of pocket, weave in and out of cast on edge, in and out of side and lower edges of pocket, working through double thickness of pocket and skirt, then in and out of remaining cast-on edge to center.  Unthread needle, finish braiding until there is 3” left of cords, then knot this end leaving 2” for tassel.  Tie as in photo.

Waist Drawstring:  Cut twelve 100” long strands of yarn.  Braid same as for pocket drawstrings.  Beg and end at center front, weave drawstring in and out of eyelets in waistband.

Lower Drawstring:  Cut nine 120” long strands of yarn.  Braid same as for pocket drawstrings.  Beg and end at center back, weave drawstring in and out of lower eyelet rnd.  Untie knots in ends of cord and knot both ends tog.