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Berroco Design Team

Flora is knit and felted in Ultra® Alpaca, then enhanced with free form felted flowers.

One Size


Approximately 8” wide x 9 1/2” high x 4” deep after felting (Not including handle).


Berroco Ultra Alpaca (100 grs), 4 hanks #6201.

29” Length circular knitting needle, size 13 OR SIZE TO OBTAIN GAUGE.

2 Double pointed knitting needles, size 13 (dpn).

Straight knitting needles, sizes 9 and 13.

1 St marker.

Tapestry needle.


12 sts = 4”;  16 rows = 4” in St st on size 13 needles before felting.


Note 1

Bag is knit in one piece in the round using 2 strands of yarn. The bag will be much larger than measurements given when knit. It will shrink down during the felting process.

Note 2

Flowers are cut from a St st piece of fabric after felting. The edges will not fray. Flower fabric is knit using one strand of yarn.


With circular needle, using 2 strands of yarn, cast on 90 sts. Join, being careful not to twist sts. Mark for beg of rnd and carry marker up. Work even in St st (k EVERY rnd) until piece measures 16” from beg, end on WS. Bind off all sts.


With larger straight needles, using 2 strands of yarn, cast on 12 sts.  Work even in St st until piece measures 25” from beg, end on WS.  Bind off all sts.


With dpn, using 2 strands of yarn, cast on 3 sts and work I-cord as follows:

Row 1: * K3, do not turn work. Slide sts to beg of needle to work next row from RS. Rep from * until cord measures 25”. Fasten off.


Fold bag in half and sew bound-off edge tog for bottom seam.  Fold bottom of bag so that bottom seam faces you, forming a point at each side (See Fig. 1).  Using tapestry needle, sew across bottom seam from one side to the other 2 1/2” in from each point (A and B in Fig. 1).  Fold points under toward bottom of bag and sew end of each point to bottom of bag.  Sew one end of handle to center of each side of bag.

Flower Fabric: With smaller straight needles using a single strand of yarn, cast on 50 sts. Work even in St st for 25”, end on WS. Bind off all sts.

Felting:  Wash bag, drawstring and flower fabric for 20 minutes in washing machine set on heavy duty cycle using hot water and soap.  Rinse well with cold water.  Remove from washer and lay flat, then allow to dry.  If pieces have not felted enough, repeat the process.  Pieces may be steamed after felting for a more finished look if necessary.  Using a pair of scissors with small sharp points, cut eight 1/2” holes evenly spaced around bag 1 1/2” down from top edge with 2 holes on each side.  Beg and end at side of bag, weave drawstring in and out through holes.

Flowers:  The flowers are free-form.  Each one is made from 2 different sized roughly oval sections.  Some irregularities in the ovals add to the interest of the flowers.  For the flowers on each end of drawstring, cut 2 ovals approximately 2 3/4” x 3” and 2 ovals 1 3/4” x 2”.  Cut a 1” wedge out of the edge of each oval.  For each flower, place one small oval on top of one large oval.  Thread tapestry needle with 2 strands of yarn and sew ovals tog in center with 3 large French knots.  Sew one flower to each end of drawstring.  For the larger flower on front of bag, cut 1 oval approximately 3 1/2” x 4” and 1 oval approximately 2 3/4” x 3”.  Cut a wedge in the edge of each.  Put smaller oval on top of larger and finish as for flowers on drawstring.  For smaller flower on front of bag, cut 1 oval approximately 2 1/2” x 3” and 1 oval approximately 1 1/2” x 2 1/4”.  Finish as for larger flower.  Sew larger and smaller flowers to front of bag as in photo.