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Women’s Clothing
Berroco Design Team

Layout is a comfortable wear-with-everything tank top. A high neckline keeps you from getting too much sun and a fun stripe sequence makes picking your yarns half the fun.

Shown in size Small


Directions are for women’s size X-Small.  Changes for sizes Small, Medium, Large, 1X and 2X are in parentheses.

Finished Measurements

Bust – 34(38-42-46-50-54)”

Length – 21(21-22-22½ -23½-24½)” (Including neckband)


Berroco Pure Pima (50 grs)

Ferry Colorway (on mannequin):  2(2-3-3-4-4) hanks each #2215 Walnut (A) and #2255 Baton Rouge (B), 1 hank #2224 Beech (C) and 2(2-2-2-3-3) hanks #2223 Seafoam (D)

Clean Colorway:  2(2-3-3-4-4) hanks each #2224 Beech (A) and #2203 Oyster (B), 1 hank #2263 Caneel Bay (C) and 2(2-2-2-3-3) hanks #2236 Nectar (D)

Cocktail Colorway: 2(2-3-3-4-4) hanks each #2200 Chalk (A) and #2217 Limelight (B), 1 hank #2238 Cantalope (C) and 2(2-2-2-3-3) hanks #2230 Mellow Rose (D)

Sweet Colorway:   2(2-3-3-4-4) hanks each #2237 Olive (A) and #2217 Limelight (B), 1 hank #2235 Pink Flambe and 2(2-2-2-3-3) hanks #2241 Norse Blue (D)

Night Swim Colorway: 2(2-3-3-4-4) hanks each #2234 Char (A) and #2206 curry (B), 1 hank #2252 Mazarine (C) and 2(2-2-2-3-3) hanks #2243 Barely Blue (D)

29” Length circular knitting needle, size 6 (4.00 mm) OR SIZE TO OBTAIN GAUGE

Straight knitting needles, size 6 (4.00 mm)

2 Double pointed knitting needles, size 5 (3.75 mm)

Crochet hook, size 3.75 mm (F-5)

1 St marker


22 sts = 4”;  26 rnds = 4” in St st on circular needle



The body of this garment is worked in one piece in the round to armholes, then split for back and front.

Stripe Sequence

Working in St st (k EVERY rnd), * work 4 rnds A, 4 rnds B, 4 rnds A, 1 rnd C, 1 rnd D, 4 rnds B, 4 rnds A, 1 rnd D, 2 rnds C, 1 rnd D, 1 rnd B, 1 rnd C, 4 rnds D.  Rep from * for Stripe Sequence.

Stitch Glossary

Left Pleat

Sl next 5 sts to dpn and hold in FRONT, sl next 5 sts to 2nd dpn and hold in back of the first dpn.  * Insert point of RH needle through 1st st on both dpn’s and k these sts tog.  Rep from * until all 5 sts on each needle are worked – decrease of 5 sts.

Right Pleat

Sl next 5 sts to dpn and hold in BACK, sl next 5 sts to 2nd dpn and hold in front of the first dpn.  Rep from * of left pleat until all 5 sts on neach needle are worked – decrease of 5 sts.


With circular needle, using A, cast on 188(208-232-252-276-296) sts.  Join, being careful not to twist sts.  Mark for beg of rnd and carry marker up.  Work even in St st, following Stripe Sequence until piece measures 13(13-13½-14-14½-15)” from beg.

Divide for Armholes:  Using straight needle, bind off 5(6-6-7-9-9) sts, k until there are 89(98-110-119-129-139) sts on RH end of needle.  Turn. Leave remaining sts on circular needle for front and work back and forth on straight needles, continuing to work in St st following Stripe Sequence.

Back:  Bind off 5(6-6-7-9-9) sts, p to end – 84(92-104-112-120-130) sts.  Dec 1 st each end of every RS row 5(7-11-15-16-18) times, then every 4th row 4(3-2-0-0-0) times.  AT THE SAME TIME, when armholes measures approximately 2½(2½-3-3-3½-4)”, end on WS.  Mark center 40 sts on needle.

Shape Neck:  Next Row (RS):  Still working armhole decs, work to first marker; work 2 left pleats over the next 20 sts (see Stitch Glossary), then work 2 right pleats over the next 20 sts; work to end.

Following Row (WS):  Work to first marker, drop marker, join another hank of yarn and bind off the next 20 sts purlwise, work to end.  Working both sides at once with separate hanks of yarn, continue to dec at each armhole and AT THE SAME TIME, bind off 5(7-8-9-11-12) sts at each neck edge once, 4(5-7-8-9-11) sts once, then dec 1 st at each neck edge every RS row 3 times.  When all armhole and neck decs have been completed, end on WS.  Fasten off last st each side.

Front:  With RS facing, join yarn to sts on circular needle.  With straight needle, bind off 5(6-6-7-9-9) sts, work to end – 89(98-110-119-129-139) sts.  Turn and, working back and forth, complete same as back.


Neckband:  With smaller needles, using A, cast on 11 sts.  Work in Reverse St st for 4 rows, end on WS.

Next Row (RS):  P1, p2 tog, p to last st, M1P, p1 – 11 sts.  Mark end of last row for outer edge of band.  Rep Next Row every 4th row, work until neckband measures 31(33-35-37-39-41)” from beg, end on WS.  Bind off.  Sew bound-off and cast-on edges of neckband tog, being careful not to twist band.  Fold band in half with seam at one end and mark outer edge of the opposite side.  Pin outer edge of neckband to neck edge of back and front with seam in center back and marker in center front.  Leave approximately 8” free at each side for shoulder straps.  Sew band in place.

Neckband Edging:  With RS facing, using  crochet hook and A, beg at back seam, work in sc around inner edge of neckband, join with a sl st in first sc.  Fasten off.

Armhole Edging:  With RS facing, using crochet hook and B, beg at side seam, work in sc around armhole and outer neckband edge, join with a sl st in first sc.   Fasten off.