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Berroco Design Team

Our octopus with braided legs in Ultra® Alpaca is a non-knit craft.

One size


Approximately 16” long


2 Hanks Berroco Ultra Alpaca (100 grs), #6259 Beet Root

One 3 1/2” diameter Styrofoam ball for head

Two 1/2” buttons for eyes

Tapestry needle

Small amount of scrap yarn or ribbon in colors desired for ties

24” of pink yarn for mouth

Eight Small rubber bands

Optional:  Glue for eyes


No knitting or crocheting skills are required for this project



Untwist 2 hanks of yarn as if getting ready to wind into balls.  Lay one hank over Styrofoam ball leaving end of hank hanging down below.  Lay the second hank over the first in the opposite direction.  Gather the 2 hanks tog under ball and rearrange strands of yarn so the the ball is covered as completely and smoothly as possible.  Tie tightly under ball with scrap yarn.

Tentacles (Make 8)

Cut the ends of hanks so that you have separate strands hanging below head.  Divide strands into 8 sections, slipping a rubber band around each section.  Divide first section into 3 smaller sections.  Braid sections tog until tentacle measures approximately 12”.  Tie braid using scrap yarn or ribbon.  Repeat with the remaining 7 sections.


Glue or sew buttons in place for eyes.  Trim ends of each braid leaving 2” for tassels.