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Berroco Design Team

Knit in the "traditional" ruffle scarf method, this three stitch cowl is a cross between necklace and scarf

Finished Measurements

Approximately 3” across x 36” around


1 Hank Berroco Ric Rac, #1113 Grotto

knitting needles, size 2 (2.75 mm)


When working with Ric Rac, use only the loops along straight edge at points of multi-colored zigzags.  Do not use the loops in the solid colored triangles between zigzags.


Knot one end of Ric Rac.  Insert point of RH needle from front to back through first 3 loops on straight edge of Ric Rac – 3 sts.  Turn.  Insert point of RH needle through first st, then through next loop on straight edge of Ric Rac (see Note), and knit the st on needle.  Repeat across row.  Continue in this manner until all Ric Rac has been used, binding off on the last row.  Go back to the beginning and carefully untie knot.  Knot the 2 ends together forming cowl.