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Women’s Clothing
Berroco Design Team

Bellambie starts the same way the Marengo cropped cardigan does: the top is knit from side to side with airy dropped stitches. Bellambie morphs into a tee with a lower bodice that is picked up and knit downward in stockinette stitch.

Pattern Corrections: 

Corrections in bold.

Bellambie, page 9

Back Bodice, Shape shoulder and side edge – Work in pat as established, inc 1 sr at end of RS rows every ½(½-¾-1-1-1)” 5 times more – 55(55-57-59-61-63) sts. Top of center column – at same edge every ½(½-¾-1-1-1)” 5 times more – 49(49-51-53-55-57) sts.
Make the same changes on Front Bodice at end of WS rows then the Dec at end of RS rows.

—updated 3/4/11