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Entralac knitting is a favorite easy solution to create a patchwork effect without having to assemble pieces to finish. In autumn rusts, greens and brown, this stunning throw will be a focal point in your living room.

Pattern Corrections: 


*RIGHT SIDE TRIANGLE (labeled #2 on diagram)

Row 1(RS): Knit 2,turn.

Rows 2 through 5 are correct as printed.
Row 6: "Sl 1, p to end. Continue to work...end on RS. DO NOT break yarn,
leave 18 sts on the needle."


Row 3 "Turn, sl 1, p to end. Continue... end on RS. DO NOT break yarn.
Continue to work left slanting squares across until all sts of beginning
squares have been worked and you have made a total of 6 left slanting


Row 2: Turn, k to 3 sts from end, k2 tog, k1 - 17 sts. Rep these 2 rows
until 2 sts remain, end on WS. Leave these 2 sts on needle. Do not turn.

RIGHT SLANTING SQUARES (labeled 5 on diagram)

Row 2(WS): "P17, p2 tog (this joins square 5 to last square 3 already
made). Rep these 2 rows until all sts of square 3 have been used, end on
WS. Do NOT break yarn. NOTE: When working the remaining right slanting
squares on this row, pick up and k18 sts, not 16. Remaining instructions
in this section are correct as printed.