Kathie's Cowl

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Berroco Design Team

Make 2 "instant" gifts from one hank of Link. Kathie's Cowl is an easy, no-knit, no-crochet project.

Finished Measurements

28" - 32" around


1 Hank Berroco Link (200 grs), in color of your choice


Gauge is not important for this project.


1. Wrap Link 9 or 10 times around two stationary objects placed approx. 28"–32" apart (such as the arms of a chair, or someone's hands). Cut the yarn and knot the ends together, without removing it.

2. Cut two 9" pieces of scrap yarn. Tie one piece around all strands of Link in same place as the knot. Tie the second piece around all strands of Link at the opposite end of the cowl.

3. To wear, place the cowl around your neck with one tie in the back. Loop the front half around your neck again, so that both ties are at the back.