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Women’s Clothing
Norah Gaughan

Sculptural leaf motifs encircle the body of a mesmerizing cropped shrug with close-fitting long sleeves.

Pattern Corrections: 

Knik, pages 26 & 27

Corrected text appears in bold:

Lower Back:
set up charts (rs): k3, p17(16-18-15-13-15), (work chart over next 5 sts [inc to 11], p7) 8(9-9-10-11) times, work chart once more, p17(16-18-15-13-15), k3.

set up charts (rs): k3, p14(17-15-18-16-13), (work chart over next 5 sts [inc to 11], p7) 6(6-7-7-8-9) times, work chart once more, p14(17-15-18-16-13), k3.

- posted 4/10/14