Mrs. Watson

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Martina Behm

Mrs. Watson is a garter stitch scarf with a genius design, using a series of short rows and strategic increases to create feather-like stripes. 

Pattern Corrections: 

Mrs. Watson, p. 56 (book version ONLY - PDF has been corrected)

Corrections shown in bold.

Stitch Glossary
Delete entire "Pick up wraps" paragraph. Do not pick up wraps when you come to wrapped sts. 

Also delete the Note about picking up wraps that precedes Leaf Pattern 1.

Set-up Rows: 
Row 3: Kfb, k1, p1 and mark this st with removable marker or safety pin (this is the center st), k1, kfb - 7 sts.

- posted 6/30/15, amended 2/1/17