Norah Gaughan Men

Norah Gaughan's command of texture now extends to menswear in a collection of wearable masterpieces with striking graphic elements.

Pattern Corrections

Devon, page 12

—posted 9/10/09

Correction in Bold. 

Gull, page 23

Back: With smaller straight needles, using MC cast on 122(134-150-162-174-190) sts.

—posted 4/16/10

Corrections in Bold.

Wilson, page 18 & 19

Back: Ribbing:
Rep these 2 rows until piece measures 3” from beg, end on WS. Change to larger needles and k the next row, dec 14(18-18-22-22-26) sts across – 96(104-116-124-136-144) sts.

—posted 1/17/14