Norah Gaughan, vol. 09

A profusion of spectacular cables in an inspiring range of sweaters and accessories worked in both dreamy soft shades and bold bright colors.

Pattern Corrections

Aeneas, page37

Chart B – Starting with row 35, work decs every RS row till 4 sts remain.
Correction on row 11.

—posted 10/18/11

Corrections shown in Bold

Auberon, page 17

Chart Key

—posted 10/16/12

Callen, page 34 


—posted 9/30/11

Corrections shown in Bold

Fleta, page 20

Est pats (RS) Work in pats as established, work rows 1-16 of chart E three times, then continuing with row 17 of chart E and decreasing where indicated, work until piece measures 9”, ending with a ws row.

—posted 7/11/11

Right Front – est pats (rs) – work row 1 of last 7 sts of chart B, then work row 1 of charts D, B, C, pm…..

—posted 11/8/11

Gullveig, page 24

Chart C

—posted 11/8/11

Gullveig, pages 23-24

corrections listed in bold

Back, raglan dec rows:
single dec row (rs) - work in pats as est to 26 sts before center marker, k2tog, work 24 sts after center marker, ssk, complete row.
double dec row (rs) - work in pats as est to 27 sts before center marker, k3tog, work 24 sts after center marker, sssk, complete row.

Length from hem to underarm should read 18"

Bind off 3(4-4-4-5-6) sts, cont in pats as est to center 6 sts, sl 2 sts to cn and hold in front, k2, p2, k2 from cn, complete row.

—posted 3/21/14

Corrections shown in Bold

Rosina, page 19

Left column, (4th line up from the bottom) Rep dec rnd every 2nd rnd twice more, then every rnd 3 times.

—posted 10/13/11

Seumus, p39

Corrections in bold.


next (dec) row - [Work to marker, slip marker, k2tog, work to 2 sts before marker, ssk, slip marker] twice, complete row.

-posted 9/30/14

Tavis, page 27


—posted 9/30/11